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Business Development

Our network is also your network

Consalve understands the needs and challenges of national and international businesses looking to expand their operations. We know what it takes to build bridges between continents, whether it is a Chinese company seeking to perform due diligence in Europe, or a Swiss company needing to hire in Abu Dhabi.

International Development

We help businesses to expand into new markets and to improve performance in existing markets. Based on our experience of different cultures, we can translate business formulas into local needs without losing corporate appearance and branding. Our services span the whole range of needs, including brand building, distribution, management and supply.


We analyse companies, provide recommendations, and serve as an essential link between potential buyer and seller. As an independent intermediary, we can establish the trust that facilitates successful negotiations.


We help to establish new intercontinental collaborations and joint ventures within and between industries on specified projects. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us identify common interests and find solutions that are to all parties' satisfaction.

Risk Management

We help shareholders to analyse their existing portfolio and evaluate the benefits and risks of their current holdings. We also provide assessments of expected future industry developments.


We can help our customers find potential investors for their existing business projects or ideas by tapping into our extensive national and international networks. With excellent contacts and business relations in China, the Middle East, Europe and the US, we can go to great lengths to match projects with the right investors.

Management Consulting

We perform market research and due diligence on Swiss companies, and provide other management consulting services in the luxury goods sector and other industries. Our extensive industry knowledge and network represent an invaluable asset for customers expanding into new industries or geographical regions.