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Consalve is a Swiss consulting firm specializing in the luxury industry, with expertise in fine jewelry and luxury watches. As expert consultants in luxury goods, Consalve unites over 25 years of high-level executive experience, industry contacts, and services in a single, comprehensive structure. Our team provides a broad range of personalized solutions in the areas of business development, and expert guidance in all areas that impact luxury business today, including: product development, manufacturing, trademarks and legal matters, branding, global product positioning, and distribution channels.

The broad range of services that we offer enable us to meet all your individual needs and allow you to make optimal business and financial decisions. We specialize in solving problems and providing valuable advice. We take pride in our attention to detail, our independence, and our in-depth understanding and experience of Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and American business cultures and customs. Consalve also offers professional temporary leadership for companies during transitional periods of restructuring.